Sunday, September 11, 2005

In America

So, it’s been a year. That’s right, if you check the very first archive, I flew out of Houston after a week of training on September 4th. My year contract in Iraq has been fulfilled. Sorry I haven’t written sooner, I’m not dead, but I'm very busy trying to relax!

And yes, I’ve enjoyed the experience so much that I signed up for a second year.

In a way, my trip home for the first time in a year is treasure and torture. There is no way I can see all my friends and family. I have only 15 days “in country.” Renew a driver's license, see my optometrist, mail myself a few sets of clothes and take care of some other things all divide my ever-so-short time.

I am made aware again how complicated with little things the American life is, so tedious after the simple life afforded in Iraq. But the good food and good people make it so worth it. It took me an hour or so to remember and fall in love with San Diego all over again. But fall I did!

Listening to the news, it’s hard to believe that people with so much, compared to those in Iraq, for example, can be so negative about life in America. We have become accustomed to great blessings most people of the earth do not enjoy. Including the right to criticize our advantages, I guess!

But so far, I myself am having a very good time. Many old acquaintances and friends and even strangers, when they find out where I just came from, tell me how they are praying for myself and the others in Iraq. I am very grateful and proud that so many Americans consider and care for our efforts there. I still think the world is in really good hands if the kind of Americans I’ve been meeting are here; gracious, concerned, generous, and hopeful, and helpful. Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that your time off from your blog has been so enjoyable!

whackywheelers said...

Thank goodness!!! I thought for sure you were gone. Especially, when they said three contractors were killed!! You scared us there! Glad you're having a good time at home . . . but warn us next time so we don't have to worry! Our prayers are with you!!

Karyn said...

Welcome home! I lived in CA and San Diego was one of my favorite places! Hope you enjoy yourself, and I look forward to hearing about your new adventures.