Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dubai Revisited

On my visit to Dubai (return to Iraq) I noted again the interesting architecture. Dubai will soon be home to the world’s largest airport (you wouldn’t believe the size of this thing) and perhaps the world’s largest skyscraper. They are building like gangbusters here…

Shooting to be the world’s favorite resort destination, enterprising investors are building “Dubai Festival City,” a place with shopping and spas and sports and schools--everything you could ever want to visit in one place. You can get a great job teaching English there and make lots of money while living in an exotic place! The Middle-East in general is really sprouting, perhaps in sympathy with the new stability promised by the removal of Saddam, for example. You will probably hear more and more about Dubai from other sources…did I mention Michael Jackson is there?

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curious servant said...

Thank you for keeping this going. I appreciate the refreshing view you provide.

God bless.