Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Birds

Our garage has turned into a little wildlife sanctuary as birds mostly come in and roost in the rafters. It’s like walking out into a forest for all the chirping and cheeping. They like picking up the scraps of materials for their nests and scraps of our snacks for dinners. And they are becoming less and less intimidated by us humans. Recently a baby bird learning to fly glided down across the garage and landed from behind on Nick’s shoulder, scaring him witless (actually too late for that) (just kidding Nick). Nick tried to send the young fellow back towards the nest but it kept heading for the break room to hang out with the guys.

Then this pigeon-like bird kept flapping at a side window so that Earl had to grab him and show him the way out. There is other wildlife in here, but you probably don’t want to hear about the crawling ones…

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Joe Wiess said...

Hehe...Better Bird in the rafters than insurgents with bomb belts. Once again, thank you, Ernest, for giving us a hint of what the guys over there really do.

I'll say it again, if we had to depend upon the mainstream media for news, we'd think you guys were all killing innocent civilians.