Monday, January 10, 2005

Would You Believe

The other day I was walking over to the “dark side“ of the base, (I guess in the past they weren’t wired for electricity over there) and usually someone offers a ride before I get too far. But I didn’t mind, it was beautiful weather and I needed exercise. Then on the last leg of the trip, a soldier stopped to pick me up. We were soon there and I told him thanks and my name was Ernie. He said, “Ammon.” AMMON? Turns out, as he says, he was a member but now he’s “just Christian.” Works for me, he was the only one Christian enough to stop and give me ride.

Well, religion is rearing its lovely head everywhere. Last week I was in a 4-hour “Safety Meeting.” Did you know it costs a company at least $750,000 if an employee dies, and at least $250,000 if they lose a limb? So they are really interested in safety and have studied it. Turns out that many accidents happen when the employees are tired (no, really?) and they have us working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day. Except for me, of course, I take Sundays off. But what did their research find? 1 or 2 days a week off greatly reduces the number of injuries because the employees are rested. I’m always amazed when science catches up with God. But don’t worry, they will forget again.

Perhaps we had better talk about the weather. It has been wonderful. Occasional moisture keeps the dust down and temps are in the 50’s and 60’s, very comfortable if you are working hard cuz that makes you a little warm. And mostly sunny. It’s actually quite pleasant. And green things are growing here and there. I’m afraid I will be spoiled when the crazy heat and prolific dust returns. It sure has been nice. Probably cursed myself by saying that…it will probably rain for two months straight now. Actually, I have been told that will happen….

Which would be a shame, since they have almost finished my new skateboard path…I mean, the new asphalt road that runs through the middle of camp. Yes, I am looking forward to that new, hard, clear surface to traverse upon with those tiny wheels of happiness…

Today I was sequestered by the MP (Military Police) on that lengthy walk I mentioned earlier. I had grabbed my camera bag from work on the dark side and was returning blissfully ignorant of the circumstances…intel reported a suspicious person trying to get in the gate without proper credentials, intimating that he was a reporter. People around have said I look like a reporter, and even the guys at the baptism didn’t think I was a member since I was recording the event with such aplomb. I was promptly apologized to for the brief detainment after my ID checked out, but I thanked him for doing his job. I felt safer.

And that is blog enough for now.

The picture below? Myself, checking the position of the sun before I head out the gate to save the election…Ok, actually that isn’t mine and that’s not what I do. But it was fun loaner…

The real owners, of course, are pictured next. Kind of a parting shot for them, if you will. They ship out soon…

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