Saturday, January 29, 2005

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Now I get it. Every now and then over the last few weeks the boys inside the wire here would fire a mortar-like flare out over the city. I thought it was target practice and there was probably someone out there telling them how close they got.
But then tonight, it’s one right after the other. Yes, it is Election Eve. And let me tell you that those things are LOUD. It just dawned on me, after the 5th or 6th room-shaking BOOM-shaking that those flares are “keeping the lights on” over the city, probably over polling places.
Today I notice the turrets on the HumVees going out the gate and TWO weapons on them--I have never seen that before. We could see smoke coming out of one part of the city. Harsh days. Dang! Those BOOMs really grab you! Your skin just jumps and you remind yourself that it is out-going. I will probably be able to stay awake as I “study” the scriptures tonight, but sleep may not be equally facilitated by the fireworks.
Dodge-ball was cancelled because no teams showed up. The internet café is closed until further notice because there is no one to man it. It seems every able body is out there doing double duty. All to make it as safe as possible for these people to have a simple vote. Americans dying and prepared to die for those of another race, another religion, to transfer the gift of self-rule, self-determination, and the torch of freedom. God bless this effort, is my hope and my prayer.
Yes, it is Saturday night here. Friday is the Sabbath here I think, as the stock market is closed but open on Sunday. This time tomorrow night, I hope the worst will be over. That will be Sunday morning for you. If Friday is the Sabbath, that would make Sunday kind of like Tuesday to us--the day we vote as well. Hmmm. Those Americans think everything has to be done their way. Right now, their way is BOOMing me (not) to sleep.

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