Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Back to Iraq

Can it be? I am preparing to return to Iraq. My adventures, if I have any, will be found at my new blog, Back to Iraq

You can always link to there from here, and don't forget the great slew of stories and pics in the archives here from myself and soldiers alike. I just don't know if anything can be better than my previous experiences...but I've always been an optimist...see you at Back to Iraq!



Anonymous said...

Ernst, bro, let us know what you're up to and when you touch down in the desert. -Bear

Anonymous said...

hey whats up? thankz for chillin with me on the plane- Blake Rudden

Ernest said...

Hey Blake, my man. Thanks for stopping by the Blog! And for sharing the vids on the plane. Now if we can only find Mannie...take it easy bud,


Anonymous said...

ernest!! where the hell are ya!!?!?!? its me steve mcqueen from san diego.. man ive been tryin to find you all over the place... im up at ft. lewis siging on with GD ICLS to go to iraq... email me man! auditechsrt4@yahoo.com