Sunday, May 22, 2005

Bigger Than Me

So we got a few new guys in to train but business has been slow. The one with the latex glove over his head is Jeremy. His amusing antics have caused him to be considered as somehow related to me. Just a couple of skinny, laughing guys trying to keep the work atmosphere lite!

This is particularly interesting as I consider the travails of my sweet little cousin (once-removed) Holly. She is a young girl with Leukemia. They are always sticking needles in her and her stomach is often upset from the chemo, which has also caused her hair to fall out. What a brave and beautiful little soul. If you are not a soldier in harm’s way or a little girl with Leukemia, you have much to be grateful for. My challenges pale in contrast.

The days are sunny and warm, temps hitting around 100 usually. I actually don’t mind it, it’s rather mild so far. Guess I am getting acclimated, California ought to be quite chilly when I return…

Driving a 5-ton around base, we saw some of the local agents being trained, see pic below. They do some similar training especially out in the Kurdish areas, since they are the most grateful for the removal of Saddam. They can be trusted the most and are highly motivated to secure themselves after whole villages were killed off by Saddam’s Chemical warfare. Oh, WMDs that he supposedly didn’t have. Some still suffer skin problems and deformities and you can see how dirt poor they are.

Actually, I am preparing some more experiences and images from outside the wire. I think I’ve effectively exhausted most of the novelties from the base where I am. I’d like to share some more of what the soldiers see when they go out. I have used fotos by mine own hand for the most part until now, since this is my experience, but of course much of what I’m a little part of is bigger than just me. I hope you find it interesting too, so stay tuned!

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