Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What a blog is

Some of you may wonder what a Blog is. Again it’s like an internet journal or log that anyone can access. History of the word:

Web logbook became Web log became Weblog became BLOG. So it is a log book kept on the world wide web. It can be for business but mostly it has become a method for keeping an online journal so that your friends or anyone on the web can read it and keep up with what you post on it. It has the effect of a journalistic newspaper column, for example, where you can look for a new written entry at regular time intervals. But just type in your browser address bar and the page will come up.
You will see that it lists the latest (most recent) entry, or “posts” first and then goes backwards time-wise as you scroll down the page. On the right is a section that tells you who I am and has links for archived blog entries, organized by MONTH.
The emails I have sent have been transferred to this log, or blog. However, I experienced trouble getting the pictures attached for the last two month's worth. That should be remedied soon, I hope.
This blog site is FREE for me so far and certainly there is no cost ever for visitors, except perhaps patience.

Again, you can find it at

Hope you are having a great week!

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