Monday, February 14, 2005

Oil Is Not Well

That subject line is for you, Mom....

Sure enough, one minute after I sent the last email out about the bad guy Zarqawi (sorry I spelled it with a k last time) I overheard “Security” talking on the radio--there is a curfew tonight and until further notice. They do that if "intel" indicates potential problems. Yeah, I think there might be some problems here soon. I mean, especially since it was on the news, now he’s got to do something at least to keep up his reputation, right? I just hope they hurry up and find him.

So I saw these guys outside the shop and I thought they must be special forces. But a guy in the shop says, “No, they are the hired contractors that guard the oil lines.” Either way, I’m sure they are from the same gene pool, or at least cut from the same cloth. Check out those side arms on their legs (does that make any sense?) Yeah! And they got those clear plastic spring-loaded communications wires coming out of their ears, just like the guys that guard the president! They were out of a Suburban with tinted windows and probably bullet proof glass and antennas on it. And if you look closely, one has green-handled plastic coated scissors in his vest--don’t know what that means.

Now, man has this ego, and I must admit, I said to myself, “now those are real men! I wonder if I measure up.” Now a woman will tell you a real man is sensitive and isn’t afraid to cry. But I just can’t imagine these guys doing that much. Isn’t having some scissors sensitive enough? I mean, with green, the color of growing things? Anyway, just another day in the life--sometimes you just gotta guess at the cool things you see, or don’t see.

At any rate, the curfew was to protect us against the gunfire going on at night. Apparently everyone is out gunning for Zarqawi, literally! They may or may not hate him, but $25Million is an attractive bounty. There was also a larger-than-usual oil fire starting in the night and going into the day, covering about 1/3 of the sky. Today we heard gunfire nearby from town and saw three plumes of smoke from the oil lines they blew up--see pictures below. Guess those guys didn’t do so well after all, but it’s a tough job outsmarting this Zarqawi feller, isn’t%

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